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Knife Edge Gate Valve Manufacturers

Design Features

"Metflow Engineers" Knife Edge Gate Valve design ensures minimum contact between the parts of the valve,Reduces the Wear & Tear. Valve design is Non Sliding Motion,Avoid Sliding Contact between Body & Gate allow flushing of media from the valve interior. A wide variety of hardened trim options are available on Gate,Seat and Wear Ring. Batten edge of the Gate (Knife-Edge) allows the tight shut off even when solid particles settles at the bottom of the Body.

"Metflow Engineers" Knife Gate Valve are Unidirectional Valves , Excellent Hopper Isolation Valves with their ability to cut through flowing media and closed by dislodging any material in the seating area.

Knife-Edge Gate Valves are widely use in Mining,Power, Steel, Chemical, Paper and withstand high Temperature & Abrasive Slurries in Industries Ideal for high-density Slurry Lines.

Standard Materials

Edge Gate Valves Uni-directional I Bi-directional Knife Edge Gate Valve
Body/Gate/Seat Cast Steel I CastIron I S.G.lrolVSS 304 I 316 I 316L.
M.O.C. Body: Cast Corrosion resistant steelor cast Iron to provide receptivity against corrosion for all wetted parts
Stem: Stainless steel or as desire, having double start thread rising I non-rising spindle, For fast closing and opening.
Gate: The Stainless steel knife gate plate is precision-buffed on both sides, to enhance Packing life and ensure positive shut off even heavy or high-viscous fluid.
Seat: Renewable Metal-to-Metal, replaceable type, soft seat and other Suitable to application.
Port Type : Round Port, Lugged Type.
Valve End Connection : Flanged End I Uni Lugged,Wafer ,Two Lug, Wafer Flangeless.
Sizes : SOmm TO 600mm
Rating : Pressure Rating Up to PN 10 Class
Drilling : Option Include ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS and AS standard; others on request
Operat on Available : Manual,Cylinder Operated,Electrical Actuator,Pneumatic Actuator with Manual Override.

Design Specifications

Body Parts Name M.O.C. of Parts
Body WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Yoke WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Yoke Bush / Sleev C.S.
Disc S.S. 304 / 316
Gland WCB / CF8 / A 19A 2H
Gland Stud & Nut ASTM A 193 B7 / A 194 2H
Gland Packing Graphite / PTFE
Seat Soft / Metal
Seat Ring CF8 / CF8M
Seam / Spindle S.S. 304 / 316
Spindle Pind / Stud & Nut S.S. 304 / 316
Wheel / Nut C.S.
Wheel / Nut C.I.