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The Ultimate Guide to Industrial Valve Manufacturers in India: Everything You Need to Know

Industrial valves control the flow of liquids, gases and other substances in different industries. They are extensively used in power generation, water treatment, oil and gas and petrochemical sectors. It is a one-stop solution for reducing the flow and is highly in demand in the commercial and residential sectors. Many industrial valve manufacturers in India manufacture different types of industrial valves to meet the needs of their customers. 

Types of Industrial Valves 

Globe valves: These valves are designed for faster operations in the industrial sector. The bonnet and the body are used for better alignment. It has a non-rotating stem that helps in controlling the flow at a faster rate. 

Ball valves: The ball valves have high flexibility and are anti-static and fire-safe. The ball present in the valve has a 6-inch lever that allows effective operations in controlling the liquid or gas-like substances. 

Butterfly valves: These valves enhance the productivity of the machine. The replaceable molder rubber seat mounts between all standards. They are slim and have double flanges for effective operations. This valve can be used to flow liquid or gas in both directions. 

Many valve manufacturing company in India manufacture different types of valves and export them to other countries. These valves can be used for multiple purposes. The valves must be maintained regularly for longevity and effective business operations. 

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Metflow Engineers is the leading valve manufacturer in India that provides premium quality products at affordable prices. As a certified company, we manufacture different types of valves, strainers and filters as per stringent quality control standards. Our team of talented professionals uses modern technology and the latest knowledge to fulfil every unique requirement of the client. 

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  • Do valves handle the rate of flow?

Yes, valves are installed and used to control the flow rate of the fluid. They can control the temperature, pressure and amount of fluid that needs to be passed through the valve

  • How can industrial valves be repaired?

Industrial valves can be repaired easily by cleaning and lubricating, replacing worn-out parts or they can be taken apart and rebuilt to enhance productivity. These repairs are performed by experienced technicians. 

  • What are the applications of industrial valves? 

Industrial valves are used in the gas, water, oil and other industrial units. They are usually used to procure subsea, hydrogen and cryogenics. 

A Leading Industrial Valve Manufacturers in India

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